EVOKE wins #1 Social Impact Game of the Year!

In News on January 1, 2011 at 11:58 am

EVOKE received top honors in 2010 from Games for Change, the leading global organization for games designed to have a positive real world impact. I’m thrilled — and especially excited to see the award go to a game that breaks free from the computer screen and simulation, and gets players directly engaged in real-world action.

EVOKE’s impact? More than 20,000 players in 130 countries enrolled in a 10-week online crash course in changing the world. As a direct result of the game, more than 50 real world social enterprises on five continents were founded by players by the end of the 10 weeks. The enterprises were matched with mentors for an additional summer of training — and they collectively went on to raise tens of thousands of dollars in startup funding from Global Giving.

The gameplay centered around an interactive graphic novel that told the story of a secret network of innovators tackling the world’s most urgent challenges. You can still read the novel and tackle the quests and missions at urgentevoke.com. We are also currently accepting applications from teachers and community leaders of all kinds to enroll new groups in the EVOKE game… visit the EVOKE blog for more details.

EVOKE was created by a tireless and highly collaborative team including Kiyash Monsef (story director/producer), Jacob Glaser (art), Natron Baxter Applied Gaming (developer) and the World Bank Institute (educational partner and executive producer, led by Robert Hawkins), a team of dedicated community guides and game masters (led by Ken Eklund) and myself (creative director).

Congratulations to all the players who took real-world action to solve problems like hunger, poverty, clean water access, and women’s rights.

You can read more about the design and impact of EVOKE in Chapter 14 of Reality is Broken: “Saving the Real World Together.”

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