On the Media (NPR): The Future of Gaming

In News on January 2, 2011 at 11:59 am

NPR covers some of the big (optimistic!) ideas in Reality is Broken this week with a new On the Media about the Future of Gaming. Also featured is the devil’s advocate counterpart to my ideas — Jesse Schell’s provocative vision of the “gamepocalypse.” Based on my research into why we game, I think we have a better chance at an epic win future than the gamepocalypse. But it’s definitely worth keeping both futures in mind as we navigate the opportunities of the next decade.

Video Games are seeping into nearly every part of our lives, and game designers are trying to seize the opportunity to imbue these games with newfound meaning and purpose. Brooke talks to game designers and futurists about where games are going and how they are shaping the future of collaboration. Listen or read the transcript at NPR.

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