Toronto Star: “Virtual virtue”

In News on January 22, 2011 at 7:22 pm

Check out this lengthy feature about Reality is Broken and the larger field of worldchanging games — with great insight from global experts, including Dan Hon and Philip Tan — here’s a preview:

One game, Elude, developed at the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT game lab, is used by clinical psychologists to help explain to caregivers what depression feels like. Players complete a series of game levels twice, the second time with the game elements made harder to reflect the difficulties of depression.

Philip Tan, who heads the lab, has seen other societal benefits from gaming. In China, some human rights protests began as discussions among players in online games, he says. “Thousands of people logging in to that relatively safe space can have a conversation on human rights violations they couldn’t have had elsewhere. It was an opening and the fact that people could talk about it safely was already a change.”

read “Virtual Virtue” in the Toronto Star.

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